a film by Mat Hayes

What if growing up in the church

cogni   ive

led you to believe 


you weren't going to grow up at all?


Young David, played by Zakary Risinger, interprets something he hears from the pulpit by a homophobic, Southern Baptist (Del Shores) preacher that changes his outlook on life. As an adult, David, played by Mat Hayes, takes his family to a more progressive church, but despite Reverend Wynn’s (Jessalyn Gilsig) inspiring sermon on true love, David struggles to overcome the trauma inflicted upon him as a young boy at the hands of the church. Will he be able to find peace with the religion he was raised in? Daniel Robaire, as David’s husband Jonathan, offers the love we all look for in a partner. Erica Tazel delivers a gripping performance as Young David’s school nurse, rounding out the stellar ensemble of actors.


Cognitive is Mat Hayes’ directorial and writing debut. At the advice of close friends and mentors, he launched a three week Indiegogo campaign that raised over $22,000, keeping the campaign at the top of the crowd sourcing’s website. 

To date, Cognitive has been accepted into 23 festivals.

5 countries. 4 continents. 5 awards.

In November, it was announced that Cognitive landed

a streaming deal for 3 years on a leading platform.

Details coming soon!

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